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Spore SDK

Spore SDK is a Web environment development kit written in TypeScript, designed to provide developers with the essential tools they need to interact with Spore Protocol and create digital artifacts on Nervos CKB.

Spore SDK - GitHub
A Web development kit to interact with Spore Protocol


  • ⚡ Composed APIs for efficient spores/clusters interactions with minimal time overhead
  • 🧩 Joint APIs for building advanced transactions as a fun block-building process
  • 🛠️ Versatile utilities for encoding/decoding data of spores/clusters
  • 🎹 Fully written in TypeScript

Start using spore-sdk


npm i @spore-sdk/core

Setup Node-polyfills

If you plan to use spore-sdk in a browser environment, you may need to manually add node-related polyfills to your application to ensure that it functions properly. For more details, please refer to Lumos' documentation site: CRA, Vite, Webpack or Other | Lumos.

Development resources

Running on Node.js

If you want to use spore-sdk in a Node.js environment, there's no extra step needed after the installation.

Building web applications

If you want to use spore-sdk in a browser environment, such as building web applications with Vite/CRA/Next, etc., you may need to follow the instructions of Setup Node-polyfills to ensure the spore-sdk can function properly in your project.

  • For more application demos with spore-sdk, refer to Spore Demos.