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Spore Protocol

The on-chain digital object (DOBs) protocol designed to empower ownership, distribution, and value capture.

Developers seeking to build innovative solutions can leverage Spore Protocol to support users, creators and collectors with digital objects.

What Makes Spore Protocol Unique?​

  • πŸ’› Redeemable Intrinsic Value:

    Spore Protocol ensures that digital objects are created with intrinsic value. Each Spore is backed by tokens one can redeem at any time. The value increases as the utilization of on-chain space grows.

  • πŸ”‘ True On-Chain Ownership with Privacy:

    Unlike many solutions that rely on Web2 hosting, where NFT holders may not own much more than a URL or an ID, Spore Protocol ensures holders have complete on-chain ownership. This, along with privacy-centric features, provides true security and control.

  • ♾️ Multi Content Type:

    Tired of simple JPEGs? Spore Protocol opens up new possibilities for expressing yourself on-chain, allowing for a wide range of content types, unlocking more use cases.

  • 🌐 Zero-Fee Transfers:

    Say goodbye to the need to hold gas fees in your wallet before you can interact with your digital asset. With Spore, you can seamlessly interact with your digital objects without any transaction friction, better user experience, better adoption.

Differences From Other Protocols​

Basis of ValueMarket, manufactured rarityDerived value from the rarity of statsIntrinsic value + market value
ContentMostly off-chainOn-chainOn-chain
ImmutabilityDepends on the smart contractYes, immutableYes, immutable
β€œMint” FeeVaries by projectBased on data size as well as vbytes x sats/vbyte rateBased on data size plus any extra value you want to infuse (redeemable)
Transaction CostGas in ETHBitcoin network fee in BTCZero-Fee Transfers, optional out-of-wallet payment in any token
Content Size Limit-4MB with miner; 400KB for average user500KB
First-Class AssetNo-Yes
SimplicityMore complex due to smart contractsSimpler, being a data attachment on a satoshi transactionSimple, one cell for one digital object

Curious about how Spore Protocol achieves these benefits?​