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Spore Examples

Here we provide several examples which are minimum viable snippets designed for a Node environment, each showcasing a specific feature implemented using the Spore SDK.

These examples serve as practical guides for developers, demonstrating how to implement specific features in a straightforward manner, for instance, how to create a spore by a transaction with spore-sdk. And for those who are looking for documentation on how to develop a fully functional application, refer to: Spore Demos.

Scenario examples

Creating your first spore on-chain

Spore-first-example is a hello world example for spore-sdk, showing you how to upload an image file and create a spore on Nervos CKB in a split second. This is a well-suited code example for beginners to learn the very basics of Spore Protocol.

Lock script examples

CKB default lock

CKB default lock is the most commonly used lock script on Nervos CKB, also a great starting point for beginners due to its simplicity. Let's check out some examples using the CKB Default lock:


Anyone-can-pay (ACP) lock can be unlocked by anyone without signature verification and accepts any amount of CKB/UDT payment for using the cluster. Check out these code examples:


Omnilock is a universal and interoperable lock script supporting various blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc.) verification methods and extensible for future additions. Combine Omnilock with spore-sdk to: